Ochse(n)tour (18. Februar 2017)

Umbieter: Markus

Teilnehmer&Text: Vlad

On Saturday 18th Markus and I went to the „Ochse“ in the Bernise pré Alps with the „peaux de phoque“ as some french speaker still call them. Starting from Schwefelberg Bad at 1388 we made straight for the summit 2188 in 1.45h, PD+ (only summit climb). Weather conditions were perfect with a slight north breeze. The 5-10 cm of fresh powder snow which fell the night before made for excellent skiing down route 138a.  After a first run down we went up along the Louigrate just west of the Ochse, and skied down a broad couloir. Finished back at Schwefelberg at 2.30.


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